Lost in the North (2023) aka Chuzhaya
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Lost in the North
 100 min | Year: 2023 |  Russia

Dina is a successful businesswoman, she has everything: carrier, money, a husband and a daughter. But her life turned around when her private helicopter crashed in vast expanses of snowing taiga. She miraculously survived. The nomadic tribe whose life has not changed for centuries finds her. Now she will have to fit in. But does she have any chance to get back home or is she lost in the north forever?

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Cheating Notes

The married businesswoman survives a helicopter crash in freezing cold taiga. She gets picked up by a local tribe that lives far away from civilization. The tribe marries her off to one of the tribesmen. The guy rapes her initially (30:55), but she soon accepts her fate and she eventually willingly sleeps with him (51:05). Pretty tame sex scene but she does get naked in some parts of the movie.


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