Dependence (2006)
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 63 min | Year: 2006 |  Japan

Hayato comes back to his home village after father breaks his legs and cannot walk anymore. He brings his wife Ami along with him, who had a miscarriage and has been dysfunctional and depressed ever since. Hayato hangs with his old friends and enjoys the life of the village, but Ami is a city girl and is growing lonelier. She finds comfort in the arms of Hayato's father. It's not long before everybody in the small village is aware of their relationship... except Hayato... A drama about betrayal and the illogical nature of love and happiness.

Hayato is worried about his father, who was in a wheelchair after an accident, and decided to return home with his wife. His wife, who just had a miscarriage, was having a hard time getting used to the countryside. Then one day, his wife went to a nearby waterfall with her father-in-law. And for some reason, Hayato's wife began to seduce her father-in-law..

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Original / Other Title:  ふしだらな女 真昼に濡れる, The Forest of Immorality 背徳の森, Haitoku no Mori

 Director:  Yūji Tajiri

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  1 September 2006

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