Dependence (2006)


Hayato is worried about his father, who was in a wheelchair after an accident, and decided to return home with his wife. His wife, who just had a miscarriage, was having a hard time getting used to the countryside. Then one day, his wife went to a nearby waterfall with her father-in-law. And for some reason, Hayato’s wife began to seduce her father-in-law..

Love Square (2005)


Miki has a good job and works in an office. She’s been dating Ryosuke and they’re happy together… except for the fact that Miki is also in a relationship with her college professor Tanaka. Tanaka is trying to break up with Miki because of his wife, but Miki won’t hear of it. Ryosuke is also unfaithful, and he has a one-night stand with Chihiro, who also has a boyfriend. The plot thickens when both girls […]