Kainan sa highway (2004)
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 93 min | Year: 2004 |  Philippines

A story about Eva, a young lady who works as a server in a carenderia along the highway. Eva and other girls offer not just food but a short time of pleasure to their male customers.

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Cheating Notes

23:35, 42:41 - Bogart, a cop, bangs his middle-aged chief's young wife. The first scene is dark and in the other scenes, she doesn't get naked.

48:38 - A young dude asks Bogart for something and Bogart tells him to go to his home and ask Marie, his wife, about his concern. When the young dude knocks on the front door at Bogart's place, Marie is taking a shower. She lets the young dude in and when she notices him taking a peek at her while she's putting her clothes on inside the bedroom, she contemplates what to do next. Will she get mad or will she let herself get turned on? She chooses the latter and fucks the young dude.

1:01:57 - The young dude fucks Marie after her husband leaves for his night shift.


1:09:03, 1:12:09, 1:15:33 -The young dude fucks Marie again after her husband leaves for work. She is hesitant now, more afraid that her husband will catch them, but she gives in, nonetheless. Her husband begins to suspect because somebody gives him a hint about her infidelity, so he returns home and catches the two in the act. He shoots both of them. Shortly after that, his chief, who also found out that he banged his wife, comes to his house and shoots him too.


Marie's cheating scenes are obviously a lot better than the cheating scenes of the chief's wife. Marie is played by the 20-years-younger version of Nika Madrid, who is now playing more mature  MILF roles in recent films such as Upuan (2023) and Cuatro (2023).

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Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

 Director:  Bing Tongco

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  7 July 2004

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