Human Touch (2004)
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Human Touch
 102 min | Year: 2004 |  Australia

To try to raise money for her choir's trip to China, Anna poses nude for an ageing artist and upon seeing the finished results goes on a journey of self discovery.

A wealthy but sexually dysfunctional man persuades a young woman (who has an artist as a boyfriend) to pose naked for him to help him address sexual problems which stem from some sort of Oedipal relationship with his parents.

The wealthy Edward (Haywood) sparks to Anna (Mckenzie), the lead voice in a choir that's raising money for an upcoming trip to China. He donates money to her choir, and she agrees to pose naked for him for a series of still-life drawings. As Anna is drawn more into Edward's life, which causes problems at home for Anna, who lives with David (Blabey), a frustrated artist.

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Cheating Notes

Anna has sex with her live-in boyfriend (1:05:20).

At 1:08:22, Anna tells her boyfriend that Edward, the old man who hired her to pose naked, kissed her, not just on her lips but all over her naked body. We get a flashback scene of that. The look on her cuckolded boyfriend's face and his reaction are priceless.

At 1:20:38, Anna calls her boyfriend for help when a neighbor forces himself on her in front of the couple's place. He pretends not to hear, not sure if because he's a coward or it is his revenge on her for sort of cheating on him.

 Director:  Paul Cox

Genres: Drama

Country:   Australia
Language:  English
Release Date:  14 April 2004

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