Erotic Journey (1993)
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 96 min | Year: 1993 |  Hong Kong Thailand

Three Hong Kong girls went on a vacation in Thailand. They got drunk in a club and got into a fight with the club manager. Three men also vacationing in Thailand from Hong Kong just happen to be there and rescued them. The six of them went back to the hotel and have sex. It turns out those 3 men were drug dealers and left some drugs with the girls. The three drug dealers got involved in a busted drug deal when the 3 girls just turned up at the scene. The police thought the girls were involved and arrested them. They were sent to a prison camp in the Thai jungles.

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Cheating Notes

Before Mei-mei goes on vacation to Thailand with her two friends, she fucks his boyfriend a few times first to ensure that he doesn't get the urge to fuck other women while she's away (1:16). However, it turns out that she's the one who can't control her urge when she and her friends fuck three guys -- in the same room on a one-on-one basis -- after getting drunk in a bar and the three guys save them from some aggressive men (10:42).

Mei-mei has a lesbian threesome with two inmates when she gets imprisoned (46:58).

Two prison guards start raping Mei-mei in the woods, but it seems to turn consensual (54:00).

The doctor at the prison hooks up with one of Mei-mei's friends. When the three girls get out of prison, she has a threesome with the doctor and her friend (1:27:04), not the one who hooked up with the doctor because she's already tired when the doctor fucked her first and is just lying down beside them, but will probably join them for a foursome soon when she recovers her energy.

Original / Other Title:  禁忌遊戲

 Director:  Kwok Hung Lau

Genres: Drama

Country:   Hong Kong Thailand
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  1 April 1993

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