Magic City (TV Series) (2012)
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 60 min | Year: 2012 |  United States of America

The beautiful life is about to get ugly.

Set in 1959 Miami, Florida shortly after the Cuban Revolution, Magic City tells the story of Ike Evans, the owner of Miami's most glamorous hotel, the Miramar Playa. Evans is forced to make an ill-fated deal with Miami mob boss Ben Diamond to ensure the success of his glitzy establishment.

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Cheating Notes

The characters:

Ike Evans - hotel owner.

Vera Evans (Olga Kurylenko) - Ike's second wife. Young and hot.

Ben Diamond - Mob boss. Ike's business partner. Very dangerous.

Lily Diamond (Jessica Marais) - Ben's third wife. Young and hot. She is going to have an affair with Stevie, Ike's son.

Stevie Evans - Son of Ike.


10:25 - Stevie sees Vera's naked back while she is sunbathing. He seems to have a desire for his stepmom who is practically his age.

25:29 - Stevie meets Lily for the first time in an empty bar. They kiss for the New Year and then  Lily walks away.

33:41 - Ike sees Lily naked in the pool when he visits Ben at his mansion.

45:50 - Stevie fucks Lily on the beach at nighttime, during a Frank Sinatra show at the hotel. She rides his cock on a lounger but doesn't take her dress off. Her husband seems to suspect her when she comes back to his side.


13:20 - Lily flirts with Stevie at the pool while her husband is nearby. She tells him to come to her mansion tonight as her husband will be out.

26:55 - Stevie goes to Lily's mansion and fucks her inside a car. Her boob shows briefly.

38:40 - An after-sex scene between Stevie and Lily in a hotel room. He takes naked Polaroid photos of her and they kiss. In some of the photos, Stevie is with Lily so it will potentially be disastrous if Lily's husband is going to see them.

43:35 - Vera has sex with husband Ike. Her side boob is shown as Ike kisses it.

47:10 - Lily is in bed naked with her husband. He touches her boob and her pussy, telling her that he'll know if some other guy fucked her based on her pussy's smell.


19:53 - Vera reunites with Clifford, an ex-boyfriend, when he comes to her husband's hotel to direct a TV show.  He flirts with her hard and she seems to be receptive although she doesn't blatantly flirt back. Is he going to score with her and make her cheat on Ike?

37:44 - Clifford flirts with Vera, even in front of her husband.

43:48 - Lily surprises Stevie in his room at the hotel. She gets naked and joins him on his bed but tells him to just hold her.

44:46 - Clifford tells Vera to leave Ike and come with him to New York, but she rejects him.


24:33 - Lily strips and spreads her legs in front of her husband. We then learn Ben's fetish as she proceeds to masturbate on the bed while Ben watches her through a one-way mirror on the ceiling.

35:10 - Stevie talks to Vera alone at the bar. It seems that he's practically telling her that he likes her but she cuts him off by saying that they both love his father.

48:14 - A thief steals Lily's nude photos from Stevie's room.


4:37 - Ike has a nightmare where his son Stevie is getting killed by Ben. He checks up on Stevie in his room but fails to notice that Ben's wife, Lily, is inside Stevie's room, naked.

34:41 - Stevie and Lily fuck inside the cupboard of a hair salon while her clueless bodyguard waits outside and is busy hitting on a client of the salon. Lily takes her panties off but not her dress.

39:51 - Vera has sex with her husband. She's naked but the nudity is quite strategic.

50:10 - Ben watches Lily masturbate again through the one-way ceiling mirror.


7:00 - Lily whispers to Stevie that she isn't wearing any panties while escorting her away from her husband.

42:00 - Stevie eats Lily's pussy inside a dress shop's fitting room. Her bodyguard, as usual, is busy hitting on a saleswoman outside.

46:01 - Stevie talks to his dad in front of the latter's door and gets a glimpse of Vera's naked body in the shower inside the room.

50:23 - Lily's nude photos are sent to Dan, Stevie's brother with a ransom demand of $20k.


34:16 - Lily is sunbathing with only her panties on when Stevie visits her to tell her about her compromised nude photos.


17:10 - Clifford visits Vera to tell her the news that he will stay to direct a TV show at the hotel. He is flirting with her as always until her husband arrives.

39:41 - Ben receives the nude photos of his wife Lily. Remember, Stevie is with her in some of these photos. Ben confronts Lily and is initially violent towards her, but when she starts telling him sensually how Stevie fucked her, he gets aroused and fucks her from behind while she's on all fours beside the pool and her nude photos with Stevie are laid down on the floor in front of her. It turns out that our tough guy, big boss Ben is a big cuckold.

45:03 - Stevie fucks Lily at her mansion after she calls him to come, unaware that Ben is watching them through the one-way mirror on the ceiling.


17:17 - Stevie fucks Lily from behind in their favorite sleazy hotel. She's wearing black lingerie.

47:55 - Lily has an all-female orgy with five other women and Ben watches them through the ceiling mirror.


3:36 - Ben wakes Lily up the morning after her all-female orgy, with the other participants sleeping naked around her.

24:20 - Ben watches Lily and Stevie fuck through the one-way ceiling mirror again.


22:50 - Ben watches Lily masturbate through the ceiling mirror but is not satisfied. He wants to watch Stevie fuck her, telling her, "I want to see you two. I want to see his face wet and shiny from you. I want to see your eyes jerk wide and shut as he comes inside you."  So Lily comes to Stevie and tries to take him home but fails because he's mad at her about something.

43:10, 46:05 - Ben demands to Lily that he definitely wants to see her get fucked soon. With Stevie not an option because he's still mad at her, she seduces a lifeguard at the beach, takes him home, and fucks him for Ben's viewing pleasure.


24:26 - Vera comes to Stevie's hotel room to mediate the quarrel between him and his dad. He tells her the time he saw her sunbathing naked, and how the sight froze him. As she is leaving, he stops her and presses her against the wall, and with his lips almost touching hers, he tells her that the next time she comes back there, she comes back for him and not his father. "There won't be a next time," Vera replies, and leaves.


45:15 - Stevie fucks Lily again, but this time he knows that Ben is watching them and does something different from before.

52:00 - Vera comes back to Stevie's place. He looks at her through his window as she sits in her car, deciding at the last moment if she will go up to her stepson's place to fuck him. It is likely, but we will never know for certain because the show got canceled.



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