Trash (2009)
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 91 min | Year: 2009 |  Spain

Trash tells the story of several characters that transport us to a social reality that is reflected in our personal relationships: the current culture of disposable relationships. The young Clara finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and she will have to learn to get over it. David, her boyfriend, will have to learn of his errors passing through hell. Nacho will have to fight with an obsession that will take him up to the limit, Cristian will have to surpass many temptations to realize what really is important and Carmen will discover a new world full of surprises. With them and their experiences we will go a little bit more into the difficult and strange world of the couple relationships.

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Cheating Notes

This isn't technically a cheating female film because Clara broke up with her boyfriend first when she did his revenge sexual act in front of him, so I'll file it under cuckolding.

13:00 - Clara catches David and his band's female vocalist fucking at the band's studio. She breaks up with him.

40:32 - Clara goes out with a new guy and has sex with him on her couch. His intent seems to be just to have a one-night stand with her.

52:42 - Dejected and depressed after getting stood up by the new guy, Clara goes to David's gig. When a guy starts touching and kissing her while watching David and his band play, she lets him. Another guy joins and Clara entertains both of them. David sees all of this and this affects his playing. Clara then proceeds to have a threesome with the two guys in the toilet room. They get it going for a while until they are interrupted by someone.

 Director:  Carles Torras

Genres: Drama

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  3 November 2009

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