Room 213 (2008)


The story follows the endangered relationship of an architect and his wife, a photographer. After being married for 10 years, they have lost all emotional connections with each other. However,they both still want to save their marriage so they experiment with other partners and what happens is a matter of exchanging partners that resorts into an explosive climax of uncontrolled carnal desires.

BookendS (2016)


While trapped at home during a hurricane, Harper finds out her husband’s new friends are swingers and decides she wants to swap partners for a night of sex without fully considering the consequences. Her pursuit takes her and her marriage to places she wasn’t expecting.

Pillow Talk (1998)

February 15, 2024

A police officer’s wife has a one-night stand. Her trouble begins when the guy dies in the middle of their lovemaking, a foul play is suspected, and her husband is the one assigned to lead the investigation.