Jaal (TV Mini Series) (2022)
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Jaal Part 2
 25 min | Year: 2022 |  India

Nidhi is married to a dysfunctional family, where relationships are mere words, every member tries to overplay the other to gain monitory benefits, to overcome these odds, Nidhi has walk a bloody path that she never thought she would step on.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 1

The episode introduces us to a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law doing a game of truth or dare, which leads to them having sex. It's sexily done, especially with subtitles on. The sister-in-law's nipple pops out a few times but it's blurred/censored.

After the couple's tryst gets interrupted by someone, we find out that the couple is actually husband and wife Anmol and Nidhi, and they are just role-playing as brother-in-law and sister-in-law. It's Anmol's idea, probably because not only is it his fantasy, but also because he is also fucking his sister-in-law for real as we will find in the succeeding episodes.

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Episode 2

Anmol roleplays with his brother Vijay's wife, Surekha, as a student and a teacher and they fuck on top of a desk.

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Episode 3

The brothers' father is murdered and Vijay and Surekha's daughter gets kidnapped. Anmol slips and reveals that he is the daughter's father and not Vijay, meaning his affair with Surekha goes way back. Upon hearing this, Nidhi, Anmol's wife, gets her revenge. She takes Vijay inside a room and fucks him while Anmol cries outside the room's locked door.

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Episode 4

A guy named Bhomika introduces himself to the brothers as their father's illegitimate son. Later, we find that Bhomika is actually Nidhi's ex-boyfriend and is just pretending to be the patriarch's illegitimate son.

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Episode 5

Chinga, the family's servant, frames Sukreha for the murder of a few characters and blackmails her in exchange for sex. Her husband is informed by Chinga's girlfriend/wife (also a servant) and he catches them inside the bedroom just after the act.

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Episode 6

With Nidhi's husband dead and Surekha's husband in jail, We see Nidhi and Surekha kiss in the pool. Nidhi then tells Surekha how she came into the household. She came to the patriarch's school, looking for a job, but he drugged and raped him. Although she had a suspicion when she woke up, she kept it to herself and got the job and later, sometime after Anmol married her, her father-in-law admitted to her that he raped her and then asked her to have sex with him. She agreed, but seemingly with a revenge plan already formulating in her mind. We only see the after-sex scene where her naked backside is shown.

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