Phone Sex (1999)

April 5, 2020

A wife has phone sex with a random caller, not expecting that it will eventually lead to them meeting and having sex for real. Her neighbor wife also gets into an affair with the village handyman.

Second Mother 2 (2018)


Byong-cheol’s dad doesn’t even have the time to set his wedding due to his frequent overseas trips, and Byong-cheol and his future stepmom Hyo-min are frequently left at home. One day, Byeong-cheol brings his girlfriend Min-seo home and they have sex in his room. Hyo-min, who tries to be a good stepmother to Byeong-cheol, doesn’t know how to react and is confused even more when she gets aroused by his stepson and his girlfriend’s lovemaking. […]

Swapping: Pleasure of a Friend Couple 2 (2018)


Mai and her husband suffer business failure and she asks Yeo, her close friend from college, to give them shelter in the meantime until they are able to get back on their feet. Yeo and her husband gladly receive them. One day, Mai confides to Yeo that her husband is refusing her sex lately, probably because of their financial problems. Yeo, who wants to help her friend, suggests that they swap husbands as a solution.

Gemma Bovery (2014)


A wife dressed in an overcoat tells her husband that she’ll just take the dog out for a walk, but she actually goes to her lover’s place to fuck him, wearing nothing under her overcoat but a sexy lingerie.