Sea of Plastic

Mar de plástico (TV Series) (2015) aka Sea of Plastic


Mar de plástico (Spanish: Sea of Plastic) is a Spanish crime drama television series produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia. It airs on Atresmedia’s main channel Antena 3. The series focuses on the investigation of a murder in the fictional town of Campoamargo, set in an area of the province of Almería known as the “sea of plastic” due to the numerous greenhouses that cover it, and the interracial conflicts that arise in the greenhouses. […]

Up the River (2015)


A prick seduces his best friend’s fiancee, telling her nice things she wants to hear, even telling her that they should run away together just to get into her pants. He suceeds, but when she doesn’t wanna fuck him again because she feels burdened, he changes strategy and says that he doesn’t want a relationship and just wants to fuck her. It works and he is able to fuck her again. Good job, prick.