Desire (2002)

Desire (2002)
Desire (2002)


A couple is set in their monotonous life until the husband has a homosexual affair with a young male prostitute. Suspicious of her husband, the wife seeks the truth and eventually ends up in bed with the same young man. Their desire has a new meaning.

Details for the movie Desire (2002)

Other Title: Yok mang, 욕망

Director: Kim Eung-soo

Starring: Jang So-yeon, Ahn Nae-sang, Lee Dong-kyu, Lee Soo-ah

Genre: Drama

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean/English Subtitles

Cheating Scenes in Desire (2002)

The wife follows her husband and discovers that he is seeing a male prostitute named Leo. A few days after, she happens to come across Leo by chance and gets acquainted with him.

One night, the wife brings her female friends to hang out with Leo. One of her friends bangs Leo that night and pays him money. She is married.

One day, Leo sees the wife on the train and follows her to the outside of a shop where she is supposed to meet her husband. Leo gets really close physically to the wife, signifying his intention to fuck her. The wife can see her husband inside the shop. She calls him and tells him that she won’t make it. She and Leo kiss. The husband turns around and looks at their direction. If not for her umbrella, he would have seen them kissing. The wife comes with Leo to his place where they have sex.

The husband finds out

The husband finds out about them so he slaps his wife. The wife takes revenge on Leo. First, she unbuttons his shirt and pants and licks his nipples like she’s going to fuck him. Then, she stops, slaps him, and leaves.

The wife and Leo screw more

There’s a scene where the wife puts a bill on the table one by one and every time she does that, Leo takes off one of his articles of clothing. Then they fuck.

One day, the wife leaves and tells her husband that she will be traveling somewhere, but she actually just goes to Leo’s place and probably spends the next couple of nights with him.

Relationship  strained

Tension becomes strong among the three. The husband beats up Leo. Leo gets revenge on the wife by fucking her in the ass. She screams in pain. When she comes home, her husband fucks her in a normal missionary position, but he spits on her face afterward.

In the end scene, the wife gives her husband a blow job while he is driving the car. Is that enough to repair their relationship? We don’t know, but he seems to like the blow job based on the smile on his face. The wife silently cries after, though.

Desire (2002) - screenshots
Desire (2002) – screenshots

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