Confessions of an American Bride (2005)
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 90 min | Year: 2005 |  United States of America

Sam (Shannon Elizabeth), a soon-to-be bride, faces a dilemma when an old college crush comes back into her life... Who will she choose?

Young career woman Samantha 'Sam' Hoyt gets swept off her feet by Benjamin 'Ben' Rosen, who romances her better than anyone before, so she jumps at the offer of becoming his fiancée. If Ben thought a girl's typical obsession with the perfect wedding was testing, she soon proves a particularly bad case; and before he gets used to that, meeting each other's parents complicates things gravely, as Jewish and church wedding traditions don't exactly mix easily. They take their time preparing while living together. Then fate strikes again: the key man from the client of her firm's advertising campaign is Luke Stinson, the perfect guy at college whom she could never date because of a rather serious fall just when they could have kissed. Luke proves still as irresistible, gorgeous, charming, easy-going and simply too sexy for any female not to lust for at first sight, and actually confides in her he asked for her on the campaign because he considers her the one attractive girl who got away. They collaborate intensively while the ever trying wedding preparations continue, and she feels ever more attracted to the love of her youth, so is she still quite sure Ben is truly the love of her life?

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Cheating Notes

At 46:45, Sam is working with Luke, her crush from college, at the office. When he goes out to get some food, she takes a nap and dreams of having sex with him on top of the table. When he gets back and wakes her up, she starts telling her about her worries about the wedding, etc. He hugs her and then they kiss for real. But it is only brief as she comes to her senses and pulls away.

A little later, Sam utters Luke's name while having sex with her fiance (at 54:33).

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