Forbidden Sex, Adultery (2011) – South Korea
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A guy who manages a laundry shop delivers some suit to his client’s house but discovers that his client and his wife are having sex in their living room. Since then, he can’t get his client’s sexy wife off his mind. The next time he comes to visit, the wife is alone and has taken a liking to him. Will he take advantage?

Details for Forbidden Sex, Adultery (2011)

Director: Lee Yeong-hun

Starring: Kim Ji-won, Lee Sin-ae

Genre: Erotica

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Hot Scenes in Forbidden Sex, Adultery (2011)

Note: Watched without subtitle.

A geeky guy who manages a laundry shop is about to knock on his client’s door to deliver some washed suit when he hears moaning. He takes a peek and sees his client banging his sexy wife in their living room. He enjoys the show and decides not to disturb them and walks away.

The geek calls his girlfriend to come over, probably to let some steam off because of what he saw. He makes love to his girl but she is not into it. While he is banging her, he fantasizes that she is banging the wife of his friend instead.

Next, we see the wife pleasuring herself while she is alone in her house.

The geek comes back to his client’s house and knocks. She is greeted by his client’s lovely wife. She is alone in the house. It seems she doesn’t know him, but she gets convinced by what he is saying, so she lets him in.

The wife serves him coffee in the living room while they talk. They seem to be hitting it off well, that from drinking coffee in the living room they proceed to drinking alcohol in the kitchen. There, they get closer, getting comfortable with touching each other. The wife seems to like the geeky guy and smiles at him a lot.

The geek starts kissing his client’s wife in the cheek, then suddenly they’re making out and finally they’re having sex in the kitchen.

They also have sex in the outdoors, beside a stream. Then next time, they’re back in her living room and they also make love there. At this point, I was wondering where the hell the husband went. I don’t know, maybe he is not even her husband in the first place, maybe just a boyfriend. A problem when watching a Korean movie without subtitles.

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