In the Name of Love (2012)

December 11, 2023

A dedicated wife in a small Vietnamese fishing village secretly lets her ugly neighbor impregnate her when her husband is unable to give her the child they both crave — but the surrogate father’s crazed jealousy will have fateful consequences.

Golden Hole (Mini Series) (2020)


A woman deprived of love from her husband is somewhat duped into becoming a sex worker in a unique brothel called Golden Hole, where sex workers and clients remain anonymous to each other because a drape separates their faces while they have sex. Trouble begins when her neighbor, who lusts on her, becomes her client.

The Woman Next Door (1981)

November 28, 2022

Bernard was living happily with his wife Arlette and his son Thomas. One day, a couple, Philippe and Mathilde, moves into the next house. This is the accidental reunion of Bernard and Mathilde, who had a passionate love affair years ago. Their relationship revives…