Behaving Badly (2014)
2.5 (2)

Behaving Badly
R  92 min | Year: 2014 |  United States of America

Teenager Rick Stevens is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of Nina Pennington. He'll have to deal with his best friend's horny mom, a drug abusing boss and even the mob if he ever hopes to land the girl of his dreams. Love is never easy!

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Cheating Notes

10:30 Mom (Elisabeth Shue) sends her son to the store so that she can be alone with his best friend and seduce him.

55:16 Son finds mom masturbating in front of his best friend in the kitchen.

There are other scenes between the mom and her son's best friend. Also, at 1:02:04, a certain character tries to fuck the mom and is already on top of her in bed but she rejects him.

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