Budapeste (2009)
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 113 min | Year: 2009 |  Brazil Hungary Portugal

José Costa is a Brazilian ghost writer. Returning from a ghost writers convention his airplane is rerouted to Budapest. His life is also rerouted when he meets Krista and with her help, learns "the only language in the world which, according to the tongue-wagers, the devil respects.

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Cheating Notes

Jose has sex with his wife Wanda, a popular newscaster (8:02).

Jose begins an affair with Krista, a single mom, in Budapest. They have sex (47:14).

Jose calls home and Wanda doesn't answer the phone. When he comes home, she is also not there, leaving their young son to fend for himself. Then, he sees a copy of a book from Kaspar, an author he is ghostwriting for, with a dedication written for his wife, which reads: "For Wanda, a memento of our tete-a-tete...". Jose then imagines Wanda and Kaspar having sex on the couch (55:48), or maybe this is what actually happened?

On the night of Kaspar's book launching, Wanda tells Jose that Kaspar's book is amazing, not knowing that it's Jose who really wrote it. Wanda flirts with Kaspar and hangs out with him all night instead of with her husband (1:01:02). Jose can't take it any longer and makes a scene. He fights with his wife in front of everybody and reveals to her that he is the real author of Kaspar's book.


With several hot actresses.

Original / Other Title:  Budapeste, Budapest

 Director:  Walter Carvalho

Genres: Drama

Country:   Brazil Hungary Portugal
Language:  French, Hungarian, Portuguese
Release Date:  14 May 2009

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