Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989)
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 95 min | Year: 1989 |  United States of America

The widow's houseboy and the divorcee's chauffeur bet on which will bed the other's employer first.

A divorcée, whose house is being fumigated, temporarily moves in with a friend, whose husband has recently passed away. Meanwhile two of the workmen make a bet that they can bed the women and the games are on. Mixed into the mess of filthy rich individuals are the divorcée’s ex, her script-writer brother, his new African-American wife, the friend’s precocious daughter, and the ghost of her husband. The film offers a satire on the social, racial, and hedonistic lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The story of this social satire and soap parody follows two rich white upper class families living in Beverly Hills, California. Recently widowed Claire is a once popular sitcom star, who dreams of a Hollywood comeback. She and her daughter Zandra are not very close, even though they live in the same house, so she turns to her best friend Lisbeth for comfort. Lisbeth is a socialite with her own set of problems. Her alcoholic husband Howard left her for another woman. Her son Willie is terminally ill and hopelessly in love with Zandra, who doesn't even notice him. Lisbeth's poor playwright brother Peter is in love with Claire, even though he just got married in Vegas to sassy To-Bel, a woman he barely knows. Meanwhile, Claire's houseboy Juan and Lisbeth's bisexual chauffeur Frank bet on which will seduce the other's cougar boss first. Several other plot points make things even more complicated. It turns out that To-Bel has a secret past. The ghost of Claire's husband Sidney starts haunting Claire. Juan keeps failing at his "mission", which terrifies him, because he has to sleep with Frank if he loses the bet. Lisbeth's ex husband keeps coming back into her life - when he gets too drunk to remember that they're divorced. Doctor Mo Van De Kamp shows up to ask for donations for his charity Hungry Drive in Africa, but his honesty is questionable. Mexican maid Rosa speaks in non-sequitur. A housekeeper is brutally murdered. A hypocritical wake is held and prejudice of both the upper-class characters and the lower class characters is revealed. However, there may still be hope for some of these horrible people.

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Cheating Notes

Frank , Lisbeth's bisexual chauffeur, fucks her script-writer brother's new African-American wife, To-bel (36:24). They do it hard, in a doggy-style position on the couch. Her husband knocks on the door so Frank has to hide. Her husband kisses her and tells her that there's a funny taste in her mouth, indicating that she may have sucked Frank's dick.

Lisbeth has sex with Juan, Claire's houseboy (1:03:20). Although she's divorced from her ex-husband, she kisses him earlier at the party, giving him false hope that they are getting back together. Instead, she shows her husband that Juan is on her bed, as revenge for him cheating on her when they were still married.

To-bel kisses her nephew (Lisbeth's son) and has implied sex with him (1:08:14).

To-bel wakes up naked on the bed with Lisbeth's ex-husband, indicating that they had sex last night (1:08:11). She comes out of the room and encounters her husband in the hallway. He slept with Claire last night too. It looks awkward as they give each other excuses as to where they slept last night, but both feeling guilty, they easily accept each other's excuse.

To-bel has sex with her husband after they beat each other up (1:20:05).



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