Vanishing Twin (2000)
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Vanishing Twin (2000)
Vanishing Twin (2000)


Yu-jin is expecting her twin sister Seung-jin to arrive from the US. It is only her brother-in-law who arrives, however, bearing horrible news of her sister’s suicide. When her brother-in-law tries to seduce her, she feels a strange physical familiarity to him. Yu-jin meets a stranger online who calls himself Art Lover. He alludes to the suspicious circumstances surrounding Seung-jin’s death and Yu-jin finds herself discovering her sister’s past and hers.

Details for the movie Vanishing Twin (2000)

Other Title: Baenising teuwin, 배니싱 트윈

Director: Tae-yeong Yun

Starring: Su-Won Ji, Myoeng-su Kim, Pil-woo Koo

Genre: DramaMystery

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean/Engllish Subtitles

Cheating Scenes in the movie Vanishing Twin (2000)

The wife, Yu-jin has a twin sister named  Seung-jin. She expects her to arrive and visit her, but it is only Seung-jin’s husband, Jin-ho who comes, delivering her the bad news that Seung-jin died.

The wife gets sexual advances from her brother-in-law

The wife starts going to Jin-ho’s house with the purpose of cleaning her sister’s belongings in the loft. One time, she wears one of her sister’s old dresses. When Jin-ho sees her in this dress, he starts kissing her with the intent of making love to her. The wife rejects him, however.

Later in the movie, we learn that the wife may have fucked Jin-ho when he and her sister were still engaged and she herself wasn’t married yet.

The wife meets Art Lover

Through a friend, the wife gets to know a guy from the Internet who calls himself Art Lover. He seems to know stuff about her sister so she wants to meet him. They talk on the Internet first, where Art Lover starts a game between them, in which each should tell an interesting story one after the other.

The wife and Art Lover meet in a restaurant. They talk and then when they go out of the restaurant, some cops chase them. Art Lover takes the wife’s hand and they run together. They hide in an abandoned building. Here, Art Lover tries to kiss the wife, but she refuses.

Although the wife refused Art Lover, the excitement from the chase surely made her panties wet as she dreams of fucking him later that night. I think the cops are fake ones and are just part of Art Lover‘s game to get her panties wet.

Art Lover dates the wife on a rooftop and makes out with her

In their next meeting, Art Lover brings the wife on the rooftop of an old building. There’s a prepared table there with food and wine.

They continue their game of telling stories, but Art Lover‘s stories seem to refer to the wife’s sister again. The wife later ends up in the adjacent building rooftop, demanding to Art Lover that he reveals his true self or else she will call the cops. He refuses and uses a plank of wood to cross to the rooftop where the wife is. She screams while he traverses the plank of wood dangerously.

Art Lover crosses successfully and starts kissing the wife again. Now, since the wife’s panties are wet again because of the excitement of what he just did, and also this excitement has piled up on top of the chasing incident on their first meeting, she welcomes his kiss this time. Art Lover is able to pull down her top and remove her panties. He sucks her nipples and lays her down. He makes out with her for a while. It looks like the wife is ready to be fucked and very eager to have the Art Lover’s dick inside herbut then he suddenly stops and leaves. I guess this is also a part of his game to make the wife want for more. She has the look of disappointment on her face and at the same time, her body posture and language indicates she got really tamed by Art Lover and became submissive to his will.

The wife discovers her husband’s infidelity

The wife finds out that her husband is having an affair with one of their common friends who is also married. When she confronts him about it, he denies it and returns back the accusation to her. He says he’s really suspicious that something is going on between her and Jin-ho. He may be correct in suspecting that his wife is having an affair, but it’s with Art Lover, not Jin-ho.

The wife fucks Art Lover

The wife meets Art Lover in the small furniture shop owned by her friend, and where she also works, I think. She closes the shop and fucks him on the shop’s model bed.

The wife really gives Art Lover a good fuck here. partly because at this point she knows who he really is, and partly because her husband is cheating too, so she doesn’t feel guilty if she fucks around. She moans loudly and without restraint. She goes in sync with his humping and receives each of his trust without any hint of hesitation.

Final Thoughts

The movie is a bit hard to understand as there are some surreal scenes which are hard to discern whether they are dreams or memories. The wife is pretty and has small but perky boobs. I like her. I also like the effect that the games of Art Lover have on her. At first, she is a proper wife, not someone who will easily give in to advances of men other than her husband. But Art Lover gets her panties so wet with his games that she gradually succumbs.

The first time the wife kisses back is great, made sweeter by the fact that she refused two advances from men not her husband before it. The sex scene in the end is also very nice.

Vanishing Twin (2000) - screenshots
Vanishing Twin (2000) – screenshots

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