Quake (1992) - Erika Anderson

Quake (1992)

In the aftermath of an earthquake, Jenny gets kidnapped by her psycho neighbor Kyle. She has to kiss, wine and dine him to lower his guard so that she can escape. Meanwhile, her boyfriend rushes back to their place to rescue her.

Brawler (2011) - Pell James

Brawler (2011)

May 27, 2017

Charlie lets his brother Bobby stay in his home. One night, Bobby comes home and finds Charlie’s wife in her panties and with her tits poking through the thin fabric of her shirt so he fucks her. Charlie catches them in the act.

Going Places (1974)

May 24, 2017

Two low-life thugs force a wife to breastfeed her baby in front of them for some cash. Then, they also want to suck her tits in exchange for more money. The wife is scared and has no choice but to agree, but she gets aroused in the process.

Love After Death (1968)

Love After Death (1968)

May 21, 2017

Montel is buried alive by his wife and her lover, Montel’s doctor, so that she can inherit his wealth. One of the doctor’s henchman is also the wife’s lover and they conspire to get rid of the doctor as well. Plus, Montel switches places with a husband (by knocking him out) and makes love to his wife without her realizing that he isn’t her husband anymore.

La tarea prohibida (1992)

Forbidden Homework (1992)

May 17, 2017

A film student invites a widow who is a former actress to do a film with him. He practices the film’s sex scenes with her. She gets seduced and they have sex for real. But is she just a family friend or is she related in any way to the student?