Quake (1992)
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Quake (1992) - Erika Anderson
Quake (1992) - Erika Anderson


Defense attorney Jenny has a fight with her boyfriend David just prior to a major earthquake in San Francisco. The earthquake hits while he is driving on the highway and she’s at home. Jenny’s knocked unconscious and when regains consciousness she finds herself in her neighbor Kyle’s home across the street. She knows him as a surveillance man she’s worked with before, but she didn’t know he lived so close. She also didn’t know he was insane, and obsessed with her. Kyle holds her hostage and terrorizes her in his crumbling apartment building while David rushes back through the rubble and chaos of the destroyed city to rescue her.

Details for the movie Quake (1992)

Director: Louis Morneau

Starring: Steve Railsback, Erika Anderson, Eb Lottimer

Genre: Thriller

Country: USA

Deception Scenes in Quake (1992)

After an earthquake, Jenny wakes up in the house of her neighbor across the street, Kyle. She has a wound on her leg. She finds out that Kyle has a camera with a zoom lens focused on her house. She also stumbles on photos of her taken by Kyle. In other words, Kyle is obsessed with her and watching her all the time.

Jenny wants to go out and get help but Kyle doesn’t want her to. Firefighters come on to check for survivors. Jenny tries to call their attention but Kyle thwarts it.

Kyle ties Jenny on the bed. Kyle is telling her that she needs a man like him while kissing and touching her leg.  Jenny cries and shouts “No!” But then she changes her stance and agrees that she does need a man like him and lets Kyle kiss her in the mouth. But she stops it abruptly, telling Kyle that she needs to use the bathroom first.

Inside the bathroom, Jenny grabs some sleeping pills and a blade and hid the bandages. She uses the blade to make her wound bleed.

When she gets out of the bathroom, she poses seductively and tells Kyle “Now, where were we?” Kyle lays her down on the bed and makes out with her. Kyle notices that her wound is bleeding, and since Jenny hid the bandages, he has to go out to buy some.

Jenny tries to escape while Kyle is out, but he is able to go back before she succeeds.

Kyle prepares a candlelight dinner for Jenny. Jenny suggests they should have a toast and prepares wine for them. She puts the sleeping pills in Kyle’s glass. Kyle comes up to her and kisses her neck from behind. Then he makes out with her. They toast and drink their wine.

Apparently, Kyle knew all along what Jenny is up to and was able to switch their glasses somehow. Jenny starts feeling sleepy. Kyle lays her down on the dining table and rips her bra off. He fondles her boobs and stokes her hair. Jenny becomes semi-unconscious and the picture fades away. It isn’t shown if he fucked her, but he probably did. The next scene shows Jenny fully naked on the bed and still unconscious. Kyle takes photos of her nude body.

Later in the movie, when the tables are turned and Jenny is able to tie down Kyle on the bed, she is telling him that she had been thinking about their ‘relationship.’  She says she’s leaving him because she just can’t tolerate kidnapping, battery, rape and murder. So this tells us that Kyle really did fuck her when she was semi-unconcious earlier.

Quake (1992) - screenshots
Quake (1992) – screenshots

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