The 7.39 (TV Mini-Series) (2014)


Carl Matthews commutes by train to London where he works in a property management office under a boss who is pressuring him to dismiss an employee. He has a kind and supportive wife Maggie and two teenage children who he feels do not appreciate him. One morning he complains to a woman called Sally that she has taken his seat on the train. He later apologizes to her and they start chatting, a relationship develops […]

Pure Wickedness (TV Series) (1999)


A highly respectable middle-class married woman watches a window cleaner fill his bucket at her kitchen sink and has a sudden urge to rip off his shirt. They make love right there – the mad, bad, no-chance- to-breathe and when-can-we-do-it-next kind of sex. And both she and her windows end up with a special sparkle. then there is trouble. Big trouble. For this is an up-till-then contented doctor’s wife, a devoted mother with her own […]