Madame Freedom 2


Despite her apology, Oh Seon-young, the professor’s wife from Madame Freedom again strays. This time the family is ruined through her scandal. She must take a job at a coffee shop to help pay off their debt and has an affair with the shop-owner. By charging for answers to tests, she is involved in helping college students cheat on their exams, which causes her husband to lose his teaching position.

Madame Freedom

Madame Freedom


A professor’s wife, O Seon-yeong (Kim Jeung-rim), starts working at a boutique shop. She meets Choe Yun-ju (No Gyung-hui) and goes to a dance party. She happens to like Sin Chun-ho (Lee Min), so she learns dancing from the next-door neighbor. Meanwhile, professor Jang (Park Am) is attracted to his student (Yang Mi-hui), who works as a typist. But he does not want to ruin his family while waiting for his wife to come home. […]