La collegiale (1975)


Daniela returns home after living in the boarding school, and finds that her family is mired in an orgy. Her father Marco became a prisoner of his own greed, her mother is sleeping with another man, and her insanely horny aunt sleeps with virtually everyone. Her cousin Stefano is trying to earn money by selling pornographic pictures to his uncle, which could be used to blackmail his aunt. Unable to change the situation, Daniela runs […]

Nine Guests for a Crime (1977)


Nine people sail a yacht to a deserted rocky island for a holiday in old Uberto’s villa. The host is accompanied by a group of family members. The men’s only thought seems to be having sex with anyone else’s wife. One by one, the guests are killed by an unidentified assailant; Elisabetta, half-mad, claims it’s the ghost of Charlie, her lover, who had been killed twenty years before by Uberto and his two sons. The […]