ADN-019 Shameful Fetish She Can’t Tell Her Husband About – Kaho Kasumi (2014)
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Other Titles: ADN019 Kaho Kasumi Propensity Of Shame Can Not Talk About My Husband

Director: Nagira Kenzo

Starring: Kaho Kasumi

Genre: JAV, Porn

Country: Japan


A housewife has a fetish for smelling worn male clothes. And what more if the clothes belong to some hunky, young dude? Their hunky, young boarder takes advantage of this and confronts her.

Cheating Scenes in ADN-019

We see the hunky, young boarder entering the wife (Kaho Kasumi) and the husband’s home for the first time. I think he is a relative. She happens to smell his shirt when he passes by, and it looks like her fetish is betraying her already.

The young boarder has breakfast with the couple. The husband is beside him, so smug and proud, yet little did he know that this boarder is going to have his way with his wife later on.

The wife’s fetish is acting up again when they were in the laundry room and the boarder takes off his shirt. She has to walk away or else she might not control herself.

Later that night, while waiting for her husband, the wife falls asleep on the couch. The boarder takes off his sweatshirt and covers her with it. When she wakes up, she seems grateful and smells his shirt in her bedroom later while her husband is already sleeping. She starts to touch herself, but she stops and resists the urge.

The young guy discovers her thing and makes his move. While accosting her in the couch, he makes her smell the shirt he is wearing, then his jeans and finally his briefs. This works and he was able to bang the wife even if she is reluctant all the way. She just can’t seem to control her urge when she smells his clothes.

Later, the boarder also fucks the wife in his bedroom, in the couple’s bedroom, and in the bathroom.

The three of them have dinner together and the husband scolds the boarder for something, displaying his dominance over the young relative. The young boarder has to go to his bedroom for a timeout. But that’s ok, the joke’s on the husband, for he doesn’t know that the boarder did a far naughtier thing that should incur a penalty much heavier than a timeout, and that is fucking his wife.

When the boarder has left, the wife takes out something from the cabinet. It is a little remembrance that belongs to the boarder: his unwashed brief filled with cum which she wiped from her creampied pussy the last time they had sex. I guess this will satisfy her fetish until the next hunky boarder comes along?


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