A Friend of Mine


Hikari, Maya’s friend, enjoys the usual free sex life. But the person that she really has feelings for is Maya’s boyfriend, Saburo. Without knowing about her feelings, Maya confides to Hikari about how her relationship with Saburo has become cold lately. She asks her for advice on what to do. Hikari takes this opportunity to break the couple’s relationship apart so that she can have a chance with Saburo. She introduces the middle-age Sato to […]

The Sleazy Family (aka Inbo)


Everyone knows that the family that plays together, stays together. Especially when it’s a sleazy family! Masaru walks in on his Aunt Miyuki and catches her in an intimate moment. At first he tries to run away, but Miyuki entices him to stay. When Masaru’s stepmom (Miyuki’s sister) sees what they’re up to, she just has to join in!

Affair Hungry Wife

January 13, 2019

Remi takes care of her paralyzed husband daily. A physical therapist comes regularly for her husband’s therapeutic sessions. Remi’s sexual needs are growing and pretty soon, she starts an affair with the therapist. They get caught in the act by her husband’s doctor. At first, the doctor scolds her, asking her how she could do it to her nice husband. But soon, even the doctor couldn’t resist Remi’s oozing sexuality so he starts an affair […]


December 8, 2018

A woman, through an arranged marriage, is wed to an affluent old man whom she doesn’t love. She finds solace in one of her husband’s servants. She falls for the servant and makes love to him, but there will be grave consequences if they get caught.