Otilia Rauda (2001)


Otilia, a hot chick but with a mole on her face that diminishes her value, is forced to marry the loser police chief by her dad. When he infects her with a sexual disease, she tells him not to touch her again and becomes a prostitute, not necessarily for money but for pleasure and to torment her husband.

Aastha: In the Prison of Spring


Aastha: In the Prison of Spring is a story of a lower middle class happy nuclear family. The wife gets involved in prostitution, owing to the not-so-good financial condition of the family. It is the story of the guilt that comes with the money and the cobweb that such a route entails that it’s quite an effort to come out of the profession once one enters it. Mansi and Amar have been married for years, […]

V: The Hot One


Valerie, the wife of a successful attorney, is the picture of sophistication and elegance and impresses her husband’s friends and colleagues. However, it turns out that she is really obsessed with taking part in the sleaziest, kinkiest sexual adventures she can think of. Our unhappy housewife decides to explore her sexuality by becoming a high-class prostitute specialized in sexual role play. This makes her question her unhappy marriage to a meek lawyer.

Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon


A working-class housewife is sexually unsatisfied by her husband. When she seeks extramarital relationships, her affairs are discovered by a brothel-owner who then blackmails the woman into working as a prostitute for her. First Nikkatsu Roman Porno. First of the 21-film Apartment Wife series of character-driven films focusing on the sexual lives of working-class people.

Call Girl Wives (2005)

Call Girl Wives (2005)

September 22, 2017

Three housewives, whose husbands go off on a hunting trip, decide to meet up and have a threesome. Afterwards, they decide to sign up in a brothel to satisfy their sexual needs that their husbands couldn’t fill.

The Oldest Profession (1967)

The Oldest Profession (1967)

February 6, 2017

An emperor finds that the prostitute he hires is his own wife. His wife says she pretended to be one so that she can catch him red-handed, but is that really the truth?