Village of Doom (1983)

Village of Doom (1983)


During World War II, A young man is not able to serve in the Japanese army because of his tuberculosis. The people in his village start to shun him because of this which makes him psychologically unstable. He sets out a plan to kill every person in the village who has done him wrong.

Details for the movie Village of Doom (1983)

Other Titles: Ushimitsu no mura

Director: Noboru Tanaka

Starring: Masato Furuoya, Misako Tanaka, Kumiko Ohba

Genre: CrimeDrama

Country: Japan

Cheating Scenes in Village of Doom (1983)

While taking a walk one night, Tsugio sees a wife whose husband is away to fight in the war getting fucked out of her wits by one of the young guys in the village. During daytime the next day, he comes to the wife’s house, seemingly castigating her, saying that soldier’s wives should be chaste, but he does savor looking at her body while she is still sleeping. The wife is startled at first when Tsugio enters the house and wakes her up but smiles when she realizes it’s him, suggesting she likes the young man. She seduces him, unbuttons his pants and starts to jerk him off. Tsugio comes quickly.

One day, a second wife whose husband is also fighting in the war comes to Tsugio’s house to borrow money from his grandmother. His grandmother is not home at that time so Tsugio says that he will tell his grandma that the wife wants to borrow money. The wife is grateful and thanks him and starts to leave. But then she turns around and tells Tsugio cheerfully that her husband will not be home for a while. She asks him that he should come to her house tonight because she is alone and her nights are long.

Tsugio comes to the wife’s house, bringing the money she wants to borrow from his grandma with him. The wife is currently breastfeeding her child that time but she doesn’t cover herself when she faces him. Thus, Tsugio sees her breast which still has driblets of breast milk in and around the nipple area. They fuck while her children are sleeping and she gets to be on top. She tells him that this makes him an adult and a real man.

Tsugio and the second wife fuck again later and this time he gets to be on top. She tells him that her husband will be returning next week. He says so what. She tells him she never loved him, to which he replies he will never come back again.

Some time later, Tsugio actually comes back, maybe looking to score again with the second wife, even if he has an idea that the husband already returned. He and the husband have a physical altercation because the husband probably heard rumors. Tsugio admits it to him, saying that it was his wife who initiated the sex as an interest on her loan to his grandma. The husband insults him, telling him that all he’s good for is fucking other men’s wives because his tuberculosis makes him useless and ineligible for the military. Tsugio gets offended and retorts back that he came inside his wife many times.

Tsugio’s former sweetheart (the very cute Misako Tanaka) meets with him in the fields to tell him that she is going to be married soon (her second marriage). He says congratulations. She says she’s lonely all the time. Tsugio thus grabs her and kisses her aggressively. Despite going to be married to another guy, she tells him to do to her whatever he likes and she won’t mind. So he lays her down the grass and fucks her. It seems that she really loves Tsugio, but because their village looks down on Tsugio due to his not getting admitted to the military, she cannot marry him as the village dictates her marriage, not her.

Village of Doom (1983)
Village of Doom (2013) – screenshots
Village of Doom (1983)
Village of Doom (1983) – screenshots

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