Affair at Twilight


Reyko the housewife is sleeping with a sadistic thug that looks more interesting than her husband. One of her husband’s pals sees the illicit couple, the thug tries to kill him, he stabs the husband instead, the thug gets arrested, the husband goes insane, and the housewife is left alone and wondering why she did what she did. An unsuccessful attempt to emulate the Apartment Wife series. Similar plot and cast, but not part of […]

Wife of Righteousness Manager


Claire, a young woman who is not satisfied with her older husband, shares her love with Takasaki, a man she met in a bar. One day, her husband comes home with his subordinates and she is surprised to find out that one of them is Takasaki. She pretends in front of her husband that she doesn’t know Takasaki. When Takasaki gets a chance to be alone with her, he tells her that he wants their […]

Cuckolding Wife. You Can Fuck My Wife. Akemi Horiuchi [GG-222]


Akemi lives a routine life with her husband and they seldom have sex. One day, her husband’s boss visits their home and fucks her in their bedroom while her husband is busy working on his laptop in the other room. But later, it is revealed that her husband may have known about it and he just let it happen. The boss comes back another day with a subordinate and they have a threesome with Akemi […]

ADN-021 Desire Is Sad …. Ai Haneda

ADN-021 Desire Is Sad …. Ai Haneda (2014)

August 22, 2017

A wife is told by her CEO to try their underwear product in their office, but it’s just a ruse to get her out of her clothes so that he can fuck her. Her driver also blackmails her for sex, but she really doesn’t mind fucking him because he is sort of cute and a hunk.

Beautiful Wife to Withstand The Shame


Ryoko’s husband is unable to pay his debt to the mafia and flees, leaving her at the mercy of Somajima, the mafia boss. As payment for her husband’s debt, she is forced to work as a maid in Somajima’s home. She is made to do everything, including giving Somajima a bath. He sexually harasses her constantly while she does her chores. He also pimps her out and she is forced to fuck one of his […]