Meeting in Secret (2013)


Tamio Shibata is a writer who stays at home but is having a writer’s block. His wife, Yumi, goes to work every day and is the one paying their mortgage. The relationship between the two is cold. One day, a couple moves next door and has the same surname as them but just written in different Kanji characters. Tamio Shibata, who stays at home all day, and Asako Shibata (Iori Kogawa), the new housewife next […]

Fancy Massage Salon (2015)


Kadomatsu Satomi (bud) is ordinary housewife who lives with her husband Yuji of salaried workers. One day, I applied a voice to Yasuda that the recruitment of esthetician in the street. Bud that was the beauty of the work prior to marriage, was supposed to be working as a part-staff in front of the station shop “Parfums”. In the prior explanation of Yasuda owners, but was that women-only shops, for management, recently learned that have […]

The Desire of Young Wife (2006)


Life at a prestigious restaurant! Yuki married Kimio, the son of a wealthy old man. She and her husband live with Kimio’s brother Kazuo and his grumpy sister, Rina, and her dream of a sweet honeymoon life is broken down. Her mischievous sister is harassing her when she tries, and Kazuo does not hesitate to torture Yuki’s body. Then, one day, Kimiou, who discovered this, angered the two for Yuki, Kazuo and Rina then suddenly […]

Married Woman: M is Special (2015)


1. The main character, a married woman, enjoys an affair with several men without her husband knowing. Then one day she was threatened by a man whom she met long ago. “I can barely escape the crisis brought by a man of questionable integrity that suddenly appears.” The main character, who does not know that the man is a prostitute employed by her husband, continues to enjoy it with him and several other men. 2. […]

Next Women The Bride (2013)


Osamu is an examinee who is preparing for the entrance examination for medical school for the third year. This is mainly what his parents want. His parents living in Shizuoka will support him only if he pursues to be a doctor. “I do not want to be a medical student, I do not want to do the same things every day, it’s tiresome.” One day, he accidentally meets a woman in a wedding dress (Maki) […]

Just Want to Fuck My Brother’s Wife (2017)


Yuji, who came to the city from the province, temporarily stays at the house of his brother until he gets a job. However, he is envious and not very happy that his older brother has a hot chick for a new wife. One day, his brother promises his wife Tomomi that they will drink later tonight after he comes home from work. But he gets late in coming home so Tomomi has a drink with […]

Secret Affair: Little Mom (2018)


Manabu’s uncle Shinji temporarily stays at his house while his parents are on a trip abroad. One day, his uncle brings Miho, his girlfriend home. Miho thinks that Shinji is rich but the truth is, he just squats on his brother’s house and lives on the allowance that he gives him. When she finds out the truth from Manabu, she feels disappointed. She starts to seduce Manabu, with his being a moneyed kid as the […]

An Affair Trip (2017)


Aimi still meets and fucks her ex-boyfriend Okuda even if she is already married to a Yoshikawa University professor. She tries so much to be discreet to hide her affair from her husband. But Okuda wants her more and more for himself. To make Aimi realize that she is dissatisfied in her marital relationship, Okuda sets up Tsuyoshi, her husband’s stepbrother, to come with the couple on their summer trip and seduce her. Aimi’s ex-boyriend […]