The Teacher’s Wife – Riko Honda [MEYD-027]
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 119 min | Year: 2015 |  Japan

Riko has a reunion with her former classmates along with their former teacher, who is now her husband, at the couple's home. Tomita, who has feelings for her up to now, follows her in an isolated area of the house and kisses her. She takes in his kiss for a few seconds due to shock before she pushes him away and slaps him.

Inuzuka, who also desires Riko, has seen the incident and is able to take a snap of them kissing. He visits her a few days later and uses the photo to blackmail her for sex. Later, Tomita accidentally sees Inuzuka's photos from his phone and joins him in blackmailing Riko. They go to his house and fuck her.

When the teacher arrives, he is surprised to see Inuzuka at his home but is pleased nonetheless. Inuzuka tell hims that Tomita is also with him. Tomita, upon hearing his name, pops out from behind the kitchen counter. When the teacher asks them where his wife is, out pops Riko from behind the kitchen counter, too, beside Tomita. She seems to look decent and normal, with her shirt on, but what could they be doing behind the counter?.. the teacher wonders. He walks towards the kichen counter to find out...

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Cheating Notes

The cheating scene behind the kitchen counter is nice. The two former students of the teacher take turns in humoring him in the living room while one of them does somethings sexual to his wife behind the counter. The teacher can see his wife with her shirt on, but what he can't see is she is already naked from her waist down while his student is fingering her because of the counter obscuring his view. A few times, the two guys leave the teacher alone in the living room while they both have a go simultaneously at the wife behind the counter.

At one point, while the wife is kneeling and giving one of her husband's students a blowjob, her husband calls her attention. So she puts on an apron, just practically wraps it around her body, then stands up so she can talk to her husband eye to eye. After that, she gets down again and resumes sucking the guy.

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Original / Other Title:  MEYD-027 The Teacher's Wife - Riko Honda

 Director:  Jo Asagiri
 Stars:  Riko Honda

Genres: JAV

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  10 May 2015

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