Jude (1996)


Jude aspires to be an academic, but is hobbled by his blue-collar background. Instead, he works as a stonemason and is trapped in an unloving marriage to a farmer’s daughter named Arabella. But when his wife leaves him, Jude sees an opportunity to improve himself. He moves to the city and begins an affair with his married cousin, Sue, courting tragedy every step of the way.

An Old Potter (1969)

May 8, 2023

A lonely old potter saves the life of a young woman. She is grateful to him, but does not return the love he feels for her. However she feels obligated to marry him. In time, her former boyfriend finds her and takes a job working with the potter until he can convince her to run away with him.

Sheremetevo-2 (1990)

August 13, 2022

A middle-aged businessman decides to emigrate with his young wife due to some unscrupulous people extorting money from him, even kidnapping his wife to show that they’re serious. But before they leave, a handsome young artist bonks his wife first.