Gorgeous Wife -Raped In Her Husband’s Absence- Akiho Yoshizawa [MXGS-324]


I have been living my life without complaints, satisfied being with my husband for quite some time. However, my husband’s business trip changed everything. Suddenly, a stalker who works as a parcel delivery guy attacks me. A two-faced brother-in-law pretending to be kind leaves rope marks in my body as proof of the humiliation that he gave me. “My husband does not know, I do not want him to know …” My heart is caught […]

Fallen Celebrity Wife Yuria Kiritani [MOMJ-195]


Somewhere in Tokyo. A certain exclusive residential area in the suburbs a little away from the city center lives Yuria, a celebrity young wife whose husband is the sucessor of a big company. She is a trophy wife, but her husband is always away on business trips, leaving her alone in the big house with their three male servants. The servants start getting some ideas.. what must it feel like to fuck a young celebrity […]

My Wife is Horny Little Devil Akari Hoshino [MDYD-581]

February 6, 2019

The day I met Akari at the playground, the sun was shining brightly. I fell in love with her at first sight. I decided to let her live in my house, and every day I was immersed in her magical charm. I became captivated by her oozing sexuality so I decided to marry her. But gradually, her true nature started to show. I sometimes overheard her talking to different men on the phone. One day, […]