Hot Blooded Woman (1965)


A psychotic woman in love is taken to extreme actions by sexual frustration, an unfaithful husband, and jealous rivals. In the opening scene, the wife comes walking down the tracks and encounters a gathering of bums. The ‘main bum’ sends his chums away and has his way with her (he tries to rape her first but she begins willingly making out with him) – until the husband shows up and an elaborate, somewhat clumsy fight […]

The Seductress (1987)


Liza’s husband becomes impotent, leaves town, and begs that she divorce her. She doesn’t want to because she still loves him, but in his absence, her friend’s boyfriend forces himself on her, she has drunken sex with the rich kid neighbor who was initially stalking her, and has a one night stand with a guy she picked up in a bar.