Dead Cold (1996)
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Dead Cold
 91 min | Year: 1996 |  United States of America

Eric, a Hollywood screenwriter is about to go to the ballet with his beautiful wife Alicia. As soon as he leaves his garage Eric hits what looks like a jogger running on the street. As Eric leaves his car to see if the jogger is all right, the jogger takes out a gun and shoots him point blank in the chest.

Four months later, with Eric recovered from his wound, he and Alicia take a trip to the country to help in his recovery. Renting a cabin from Bill, a local hunter Eric & Alicia plan to have nothing but peace and quiet staying there. How wrong they were.

Both Eric and Alicia are warm and cozy until later in the night when Kale, arrives at their door telling them that his van broke down and if he can stay over for the night until morning when he can go down the road where it is safe to fix it. What Alicia and Eric don't know is that Kale is an escaped convict who just murdered Bill's daughter Sarah after having sex with her in his van.

With the unsuspecting couple not knowing how dangerous Kale is, they overlook a number of red flags that should have been obvious to them. Kale's fascination with guns and axes and asking Eric, who was in the marines, how it felt to kill people. The next night, as Kale is showing Eric his scar from an accident that he had, he asks Eric if he can see where he was shot, after Eric got very sick drinking some booze and told him that he's been having trouble ever since he was shot four months ago. Kale suddenly attacks Eric, knocking him out then puts him in his van which miraculously starts working and dumps Eric into the cold and dark forest some miles down the road.

Coming back to the cabin with Alicia alone and everybody watching the movie expecting the worst to happen what happens is much worse then what anyone in the movie audience ever expected.

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Cheating Notes

At 46:00, Kale enters the bathroom while Alicia is taking a bath. She tells him to get out.

After Kale dumped Eric's body, he comes back and enters Alicia's room and basically tells her that her husband is dead (55:30). Instead of getting surprised, Alice looks happy and tells him, "Are you gonna stand there all night, or are you gonna come in here and fuck me?" They have sex while Eric regains consciousness and tries to get back to the house.

Through subsequent dialog between Kale and Alicia, we learn that Kale is Alicia's ex-boyfriend who spent five years in prison and he got back into her life and conspired with her in killing her husband.

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 Director:  Kurt Anderson

Genres: Horror, Drama

Language:  English
Release Date:  7 May 1996

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