Heartbreakers (1984)
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R  98 min | Year: 1984 |  United States of America

Blue, a yet-to-be discovered painter, is left by his longtime girlfriend because she considers him too immature for a lasting relationship. Eli, Blue's best friend, works for his father's garment business and is still searching for a woman who's interesting enough to spend more than one night with. Blue and Eli's friendship is put to the test when they both fall for Liliane, Blue's exotic gallerist.

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Cheating Notes

Blue's live-in girlfriend cheats on him with a more successful painter. We don't see any sex or kissing scenes between the two. Blue comes across them while they're having a date in a burger joint. He looks crushed. They fight when she gets home and they break up.

At 12:14, Blue comes to Eli's place unannounced and sees him enter with his date for the night. Eli and his date start kissing and fondling and only when they get into his bedroom do they notice that Blue is there. Blue and Eli talk on the bed, with his date beside them, her shirt unbuttoned and her boobs out.

At 45:57, Blue and Eli have a threesome with Blue's paint model.

Eli courts Liliane, a chick who works at the front desk of the gallery where Blue exhibited his paintings. They become a couple and have car sex at 59:24.

At 1:12:22, Liliane kisses Blue in front of Eli in a bar, after Blue insulted her. Eli tells them that he doesn't want to dance but instead would like to watch. So Blue dances with Liliane on the dance floor, and on their second dance, he pulls her towards him and does a close dance with her, all in front of Eli.

At 1:29:30, Liliane fucks Blue in the art gallery after his art show. Eli was there earlier too but he didn't come inside the gallery and even insulted Liliane (which could be one of the reasons why Liliane decided to fuck Blue). Liliane takes her blouse off in front of Blue, exposing her breasts, comes down towards him on the floor where he's sitting, and makes out with him. The scene jumps off to their after-sex scene, where they are lying on the floor with no clothes on but covered with sheets.

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