London Fields (2018)
2 (3)

R  118 min | Year: 2018 |  United Kingdom United States of America

All of them want her, one of them wants her... dead.

An American writer arrives in London where he meets Nicola Six, a beautiful woman who soon becomes his muse. She is playing a dangerous game, dating a small-time (married) gangster and a wealthy businessman in an effort to con them both. A clairvoyant, she has premonitions of her own death, at the hands of one of the three men she is involved with.

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Cheating Notes

A femme fatale starts an affair with a young, naive married businessman but also fucks a small-time married gangster/darts player (both men are friends with each other in a not-so-conventional way) in an effort to con them both. Amber Heard, who plays the femme fatale, is really hot here.


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