Prohibited Sex, Sweet Revenge
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 74 min | Year: 2016 |  South Korea

Shall we go on a trip?”

Jin-wook and So-ri have been dating for 6 years. So-ri randomly suggests that they should go on a trip along with her best friend Mi-ra and her boyfriend Gyeong-hoon. It is because she promised Mi-ra before that the four should go on a trip together once Mi-ra has a boyfriend. Jin-wook does not feel comfortable with her plan because he appears to be not interested in So-ri’s friend at all. However, he unwillingly decides to go on the trip. As Jin-wook heard that Mi-ra and her boyfriend will be bringing all the camping equipment and fishing gadgets, he does not make an effort to bring anything. He only packs the reading materials he needed for his thesis in his backpack so that he can work on the thesis that he has been preparing for the last few years continuously. While So-ri is not happy about Jin-wook who has been complaining about every single thing, she is surprised to see how sweet Mi-ra’s boyfriend is. Also, So-ri becomes tired of Jin-wook’s immature behaviors. Mi-ra’s boyfriend Gyeong-hoon has prepared everything for the camping trip including the tent rental, fishing, and cooking. He is just a perfect guy with such a considerate manner towards his girlfriend Mi-ra. Jin-wook, unhappy with the situation, makes a sarcastic comment about Gyeong-hoon for working as a DJ at a club. From Jin-wook’s point of view, Gyeong-hoon is nothing compared to his career as a teaching assistant, who is preparing for his master’s degree at the age of 35. Because So-ri feels sorry for not preparing anything for the trip, she helps Gyeong-hoon cook the meal diligently, while Mi-ra, who is often hypocritical, stays inside their tent along with Jin-wook and shares her secret personal stories, among others, with him.

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Original / Other Title:  금지된 섹스, 달콤한 복수

 Director:  Lee Soong-hwan

Genres: Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  14 January 2016

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