Seven Days After the Murder (1991)
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 90 min | Year: 1991 |  Russia United States of America

A terrible tragedy occurs in the family of a famous general: one of his daughters is killed. The investigator leading the case understands that an outwardly prosperous and friendly family only seems to be pretending to be happy.

During the investigation, it turns out that the personal chauffeur of General Rauf, who is accepted in the house as his own son, was the lover of both married daughters. Moreover, the driver supplied drugs to the deceased woman.

The investigator suspects Rauf of the murder, as he was the last person in the country house with the victim. However, one circumstance contradicts the built-up scheme - the body was found in a completely different place, it was brought to the dacha after the crime.

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Cheating Notes

The personal chauffeur of General Rauf, who is accepted in his house as his own son, was the lover of both of his married daughters. His cheating scene with the daughter who died is at 13:30 (she gets fully naked but their sex is not shown, only her moans can be heard). His cheating scene with the second daughter is at 1:05:00 (they make out on the grass, she doesn't get naked). We see the second daughter naked in a scene with her husband at 1:20:22, when her robe opens up after her husband slaps her and pushes her onto the bed.

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Original / Other Title:  Семь дней после убийства, Sem dney posle ubiystva

 Director:  Rasim Ojagov

Genres: Crime, Mystery

Country:   Russia United States of America
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  3 January 1991

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