The Oh In Ohio (2006)
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R  88 min | Year: 2006 |  United States of America

One woman's story is about to climax.

In Ohio, Priscilla Chase is the VP of a company that works to bring new business to Cleveland. She has been married for more than a decade to Jack Chase, the biology teacher of the local public school. Priscilla is successful in her career but is frigid and has never reached an orgasm, which hurts her frustrated husband. When Priscilla decides to buy a vibrator, Jack is seduced by his teenage student Kristen Taylor and recovers his self-esteem--working out, losing weight, and dressing adequately. Priscilla has new sexual experiences and becomes closer to Wayne the Pool Guy, the constructor of swimming pools in her neighborhood since she was a child. The new relationships upgrade the personal and professional lives of Priscilla and Jack.

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Cheating Notes

The wife (Parker Posey) doesn't experience orgasm with her husband, which leads to several things.

The husband begins an affair with a female student (Mischa Barton).  They first have sex at 32:52.  We see her boobs from the side as she takes her shirt off while on top of him, but she could be wearing pasties.

The wife initially starts experimenting with vibrators. Then, after her husband moves into their garage and she changes the locks to their house, locking him out, she starts going to bars with her female friend and has sex with several men. We only see her having sex with one of the men though (54:54), and she is covered in sheets while the man is humping on top of her.

The wife also has sex (55:15) with a sex toy shop employee (Heather Graham). The latter gives her oral sex but we don't see much because the sheets are in the way, but we do see Heather Graham's tits poking slightly through her shirt when she gets off the bed.

Finally, the wife begins an affair with Wayne the Pool Guy (Danny DeVito), the constructor of swimming pools in her neighborhood whose pool commercial she has watched since childhood, and now when she's doing yoga in the morning. She kisses him and has implied sex with him in his pool (1:07:25), and they cuddle and kiss a bit on the bed after sex a few scenes later (1:11:44).

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