Six Is Not a Crowd (TV Mini Series) (2024) aka Felices los 6
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Six Is Not a Crowd
 30 min | Year: 2024 |  Argentina

It narrates the love story between Damián and Carolina. He falls in love instantly and imagines her as the mother of his future children. She doesn't... and enjoys her freedom living with Pato, Trinidad, Lautaro and Gonzalo, with whom she has polyamorous relationships. Damián does not know how to react: he was looking for his better half and discovered a fruit salad. Carolina is going to face feelings she thought she had overcome: jealousy. Both will have to challenge their worlds and overcome their crises to choose each other. Prejudices, fears, fantasies and a lot of confusion. This time happiness, instead of being between two, will have to be between six.

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Cheating Notes

The main theme of the series is polyamory. The cheating wife (Carolina's boss) and the swinging wife (the newlywed Veronica) are minor characters and their cheating/swinging scenes are minor.

Episode 1

9:50 - Carolina and Damian hit it off at the wedding of their common friends, Lucas and Veronica. They make out in the bathroom and would have had sex but a puking guy interrupts them.

12:17, 13:02 - Carolina comes home to the place she shares with four other people: Patricia, Trinidad, Gonzalo, and Lautaro. She then proceeds to have sex with Gonzalo in the bedroom. The nudity is mostly strategic but her tit takes a peek here and there. While she is banging Gonzalo hard, Damian is telling the newlyweds his newfound feelings for her.

27:00, 29:10 - Damian and Carolina date, kiss, and go to her place to have sex. After their lovemaking, Carolina confesses to Damian that she is in a polyamorous relationship with their housemates as the four gather in the bedroom because of a medical situation.

Episode 2

22:49 - The newlywed Lucas and Veronica have sex on the couch. We see her boobs here.

Episode 3

1:25 - Trinidad, Lautaro and Gonzalo have a threesome. Officially, Trinidad and Gonzalo are a couple and share the same bedroom.

9:39 - A seduction scene between Carolina, Damian and Patricia involving food in a bar's kitchen, which leads to a threesome.

19:37 - More scenes from the threesome above as Damian relates his experience to his male friends.

26:03 - Ari, Carolina's married female boss, gets banged by her lover (a male model) against the window in her office. We don't see much.

Episode 4

1:41 - Carolina urges Damian to date women through a dating app. We see him have sex with his dates, with all of them riding his cock hard.

33:15 - Patricia eats Carolina's pussy, with the latter's tits poking through her shirt.

34:50 - Damian fucks one of his dates against the window. We see her boobs.

Episode 6

18:00 - Trinidad discovers that her deceased aunt and uncle are swingers through video tapes.

24:25 - Lucas and Veronica attend a party hosted by the polyamorous group and plan to hook up with other people that night, with Lucas the hesitant one. Veronica hooks up with a guy and makes out with him in a bedroom upstairs. Not sure if she is able to have sex with him because Lucas comes looking for her and sort of interrupts them.

Episode 7

16:59 - Carolina randomly kisses a guy on the street before hopping on a bus with her friends for a party. She and Trinidad then flash their boobs through the bus's window on a dare and kiss the male escort and other guys on the bus. This is the first time we see the two women's boobs clearly and without obstruction.

34:25 - Carol introduces Damian to the gay side of the polyamorous relationship. First, she kisses him, then she kisses Gonzalo, and then the two guys kiss.

Episode 8

7:46 - A flashback scene of the threesome between Carol, Damian, and Gonzalo, while Damian tells it to his friends.

Original / Other Title:  Felices los 6

 Director:  Diego Kaplan

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Argentina
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  2 May 2024

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