You Mean Everything to Me (2020)
3.6 (13)

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 88 min | Year: 2020 |  United States of America

Still reeling from getting kicked out of her sister's apartment, Cassandra falls hard and fast for Nathan, a local DJ. After a whirlwind romance, he convinces her to quit her job and enlists her to dance at his club. As his coercive control increases and his demands grow darker, Nathan soon isolates her from her friends and family. Confused and desperate, she must figure out how to save another from the same fate and decide what her own freedom is worth.

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Cheating Notes

A guy lets a black dude fuck his new girlfriend for money. It starts at the club when the black dude kisses the girlfriend on the dance floor while she is sandwiched between the two guys (40:05). They go to the boyfriend's place, where he gets her consent while she is in a semi-drugged/drunk state. When she says kind of yes, the black dude starts fucking her. The scene is tame and dark. The girlfriend will show her tits at the end part of the film.

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