A Rage to Live (1965)
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A Rage to Live (1965)
A Rage to Live (1965)


A woman’s sexual compulsions threaten to destroy her marriage.

Details for the movie A Rage to Live (1965)

Director: Walter Grauman

Starring: Suzanne Pleshette, Bradford Dillman, Ben Gazzara

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in A Rage to Live (1965)

Grace is a promiscuous woman when she’s still single. We see her hooking up with two men, and, according to one of her boyfriends Charlie, there could be more of them.

May I kiss the bride?

Grace marries Sidney Tate. On the reception of her wedding, she goes upstairs and meets Jack in the hallway. He is married and she was flirting with him before she got married herself but they really never got the chance to fool around because Amy, Jack’s wife is always watching him.

Well this time, they were able to for a bit. Jack asks Grace if he may kiss the bride. She says sure, so he kisses her not on the cheek but on the lips, and it lingers for several seconds. They break their kiss and then they talk. After which, she kisses him again but this time only in the cheek.

At this point, Jack’s wife enters and sees them. She asks them if she is interrupting something. Grace answers, of course not, and leaves them two with a naughty grin on her face. Jack’s wife asks him if they’re making up for lost time because she did see them flirt in a party before. Jack denies it. She gets the handkerchief from his pocket and tells him to wipe Grace’s lipstick off his mouth.

Grace cheats with Roger Bannon

A few years later, Grace and Sidney Tate have a child. One day, Roger Bannon, son of Grace’s mother’s former housemaid, comes to visit the couple’s house. Sidney hires him to fix the barn. Roger had a crush on Grace even way before, and this time he wants to try his chances. He asks her if she can show the way to their barn. Grace pauses, trying to discern if he is hitting on her, then her husband arrives.

In the next few days, Roger and his men start working on the barn. A friend of Grace fetches her to go shopping. She notices Roger staring at Grace so she asks her what’s up with him, like insinuating maybe there’s something going on between them two. She also asks if she and Sidney are okay. Grace tells her she and her husband are perfectly okay and tells her to drive.

One rainy day, Roger asks Grace if she can give him a lift to town because his truck broke down. During the drive, Roger is obviously hitting on her while Grace tries to fend him away. She’s really trying hard not to start anything with Roger and be faithful to her husband. Roger is unstoppable, though, and confesses his feelings to her. He tells her he wanted her the first time he saw her five years ago. He gets out of the car and starts to enter the door to his office. But when he looks back, he sees Grace opening the door of the car again, so he comes back inside her car and they kiss. They have sex in a room somewhere.

During dinner time, Grace’s excuse to Sidney for being late is that her car broke down.

On another day, Grace and Roger meet and have sex in a motel room. He tells her that he’s crazy about her.

Jack tries to score with Grace

Grace goes to Jack’s office. She comes with him for a drink so that he can grant her a favor for the charity that she’s running. After their drink, he kisses her on the cheek to say goodbye. Roger, who has followed Grace, sees this and thinks there’s something going on between them.

Grace has a meeting with Jack and other people. After the other people have left Jack’s room, he kisses her. She pulls away and tells him that she can’t. Jack apologizes and asks her if they can still remain friends. She says sure, as long as she will attend a party with her and her husband Sid.

On the way home, Roger blocks Grace’s car. He says he loves him and wants to be with her. She doesn’t want to, though, saying she has a husband and a son that she loves. He grabs her hair and accuses her that she just found another stud (Jack), that’s why she doesn’t want him anymore and not that crap about her love for her husband and son. She gets mad and drives away from him, almost running him over. He shouts “Slut! Slut! Rich, lousy slut!” while watching her drive away.

Roger goes crazy, hurts a whore and gets killed while running away from the cops. Jack, being a lawyer, gets a call while in the party with Grace and her husband and has been told that the whore says that Roger kept shouting Grace’s name while hitting her. Jack expresses his disappointment at Grace, telling her that she isn’t as married as he thought.

Sidney finds out that Grace cheated on him

Sidney eventually finds out about Grace’s affair with Roger. At first, she flatly denies it. But when she gets cornered, she tells him that she never loved Roger. That the thing just happened when she drove him into town and she couldn’t help herself. But Sid asks her what about the other times they met. Surely she made plans for those so those didn’t ‘just happen’ like the first time. Meaning, she knew what she was doing. She says she knows and that it was awful but she just keeps telling him that she loves him. He asks her if there were any other men. She answers that Roger was the only one and insists on it. He doesn’t look happy but he seems convinced so he doesn’t part ways with her.

May comes looking for her husband

May comes looking for Jack in the circus event that Grace hosted for her charity. She confronts Grace and shouts in front of everyone that Jack “admitted it”. Well, what Jack actually admitted was that he has the hots for Grace, but not really that they have an affair. Sidney hears it and believes that Jack admitted to the affair. He leaves, with Grace running after him, shouting it isn’t true. It’s ironic because he leaves her for an affair she never really had, or at least she just partially had, if you consider their kissing on the lips cheating.

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