The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) – Jessica Alba

The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)


The young Englishman John Truscott goes to Borneo to, in his own words, educate primitive people. Those primitive people happen to be the tribe Iban. The tribe gives him a sleeping dictionary (Jessica Alba), someone who will sleep with him throughout his stay and in return he will teach her the English language. Her name is Selima. John doesn’t want to sleep with her out of principle. But later, he does so because he has fallen for her while in the course of teaching her. This brings trouble for John and Selima as the tribe and the Bullards, the couple who oversees the entire project, forbid them to have a relationship.

Details for the movie The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)

Director: Guy Jenkin

Starring: Jessica Alba, Hugh Dancy, Bob Hoskins, Emily Mortimer

Genre: DramaRomance

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)

Jessica Alba is looking her best in this movie. She’s very pretty and sexy. She has some sex scenes here and we get to see her breasts, but the Internet says it’s a body double.

The Englishman John Truscott screws Selima (Jessica Alba) and impregnates her, but he doesn’t know that yet. An event in the movie is used against him to force him to marry an English girl. He goes back to England with his wife.

A year later, he comes back to the Iban tribe and finds out that he had a son with Selima, who got married to the tribal chief’s son. So he sees Selima in secret a couple of times only to see his son and not to screw her. Indeed, there are no scenes to indicate that he screws Selima during their meetings, but I would like to think he does, because why wouldn’t you screw someone as hot as Jessica Alba when you’re secretly meeting her and she still has the hots for you? You gotta be crazy if you don’t.

Selima’s husband finds out about their meetings and attempts to kill John one night. For that, he is sentenced to death. John himself gave the sentence, but it’s against his will since he understands what motivated the husband, plus he also saved his life earlier in the movie. So the night before the husband’s day of execution, John helps him escape. Selima is there with them in front of the jail cell. As soon as the husband rushes away to escape, his wife Selima and John make out and decide to run away together.

The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) – screenshots

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