Stepmother’s Sin (2001)
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Stepmothers Sin
Stepmothers Sin


Yusuke has developed a general hatred for women when he catches his real mom screwing another guy when he was young. He takes this hatred out on his new stepmother by seducing her and exposing her as a slut just like his real mom.

Details for the Hentai Stepmother’s Sin (2001)

Other Titles: Gibo, 義母

Genre: Hentai

Country: Japan

Number of episodes: 2

Cheating Scenes in Stepmother’s Sin (2001)

We see a flashback of Yusuke when he was young. He came home to find his real mother fucking a man that is not his father. While his mom was giving the man a blowjob, the man was telling her to do well in her sucking technique to prevent her husband from cheating on her. Yusuke developed a hatred for her mother and women in general because of this experience.

Fast forward to the present, Yusuke is now living with his father’s new fiancee and her teenage daughter. His father is posted abroad so they are the only three living in the house. Yusuke plans to seduce his stepmom to prove to himself that she is also a slut like his real mother.

One night, Yusuke enters the bathroom while his stepmom is taking a bath inside. He offers to wash her back and soon starts squeezing her tits from behind. Misaco stops him, so Yusuke puts on a drama. She pities him, telling him that he just craves affection from his mother, so she will let him do what he wants just this once.

Upon hearing this, Yusuke wastes no time and starts sucking her tits and fingering her vagina. Misaco gives him a handjob and Yusuke is able to convince her to give him a blowjob too. But when he requests for them to have sex, Yusuke refuses and draws the line. Everything but no sex, she says, but she gives him a titty fuck instead so that he can finish. What a considerate stepmom. But after he cums on her face, she tells her that what happened will be the first and last time between them.

The next day, Misaco starts the day gleefully while sending her daughter to school. When she comes up to Yusuke’s room to see why he isn’t still up, she sees him masturbating. Yusuke is begging her to have sex with him. She refuses and leaves his room.

While Misaco is sleeping in her room later in the day and dreaming of her previous sexual interaction with Yusuke, Yusuke starts eating her pussy. She wakes up and stops him, telling him it something they can’t do as mother and son. He resumes eating her, anyway, until she finally gives in to Yusuke. She gives him a blowjob, he inserts a dildo inside her pussy, and finally, he goes inside her and is able to fuck her. He also fucks her in the ass while a dildo is inside her vagina.

In the next days, Yusuke fucks his stepmom in the sadomasochistic way by tying her up and whipping her ass. He also brings her in different public places, like a public men’s room, a dressing room, an elevator etc. and he fucks her in those places.

One day, Yusuke ties Misaco again because he says he has a surprise for her. It turns out his surprise is to fuck Misaco’s teenage daughter in front of her. He takes Shiina’s virginity while Misaco is watching. After he’s done with his stepsister, Misaco begs him to fuck her too.

While Yusuke is fucking his cousin, she makes him realize that maybe what she’s doing with his stepmother is not revenge, but a longing for motherly love. So when Yusuke fucks his stepmom the next time, he apologizes to her about what he’s done to her and tells her that maybe they can start being real mother and son, you know, a normal relationship without the sex. His stepmom snaps back at him and tells him don’t start that shit. She says that he already turned her into a sex maniac so he better not stop fucking her rough.

Yusuke runs away because of this and lands in jail because of raping somebody’s girlfriend in the park. When he is accompanied by the police back to his house, he sees his stepmom having a gangbang with three guys. He grabs the police officer’s gun and fires a shot, but it isn’t shown who he shot.

Stepmother's Sin - screenshots
Stepmother’s Sin – screenshots

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