Bright Days Ahead (2013)
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Bright Days Ahead (2013)
Bright Days Ahead (2013)


The retired dentist Caroline attends a computer class in a senior’s club. Although she is married, she starts an affair with the computer teacher who is significantly younger than her. Her husband finds out about the affair and she has to choose what path to take from this point on.

Details for the movie Bright Days Ahead (2013)

Other Titles: Les beaux jours

Director: Marion Vernoux

Starring: Fanny Ardant, Laurent Lafitte, Patrick Chesnais

Genre: Drama | Romance

Country: France

Language: French/English Subs

Cheating Scenes in Bright Days Ahead (2013)

Caroline (Fanny Ardant) just recently retired as a dentist so she starts attending a senior’s club. She meets the younger computer instructor Julien in the club’s computer class. After the class, Julien asks her if she can check his teeth because he was experiencing some pains lately. She does and even though she is retired, she performs some dental procedures on him.

After the dental session, Julien brings Caroline to a restaurant where he flirts with her. After their meal, they are standing near a lighthouse when Julien makes his move and kisses Caroline on the mouth. She is speechless and doesn’t know what to do. It suddenly rains so they get in her car. Julien continues kissing Caroline and she kisses back. They make out for a while, Julien grabs Caroline’s pussy and boobs. But when he takes out a condom, she stops making out with him and says she can’t do it.

The next time Caroline comes to the senior’s club, Julien leads her to a private room and they start making out. This time, she is ready to be fucked by him, so they fuck.

One night, Caroline’s husband brings in some guests to their home and they have dinner together. She receives a text message from Julien telling her to come to his apartment. She makes an excuse to her husband that she has to attend to her lady friend from the senior’s club because she has depression. She leaves the house and even secretly sneaks a bottle of wine out and comes to Julien’s apartment where she fucks him.

In the next days, Julien and Caroline continue fucking in different rooms at the senior’s club whenever they can sneak out from the others.

One time, they just finished fucking in Julien’s house when one of his girlfriends come in. Caroline has to pretend that she is a friend of Julian’s mom to explain why she is there.


Bright Days Ahead (2013) - screenshots
Bright Days Ahead (2013) – screenshots

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