Until the Night (2004)
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Until the Night (2004)
Until the Night (2004)


An unsuccessful writer, who leads a dissolute life, has an affair with an ex-lover, who is the wife of a once-celebrated actor, but their relationship pushes them to confusion and obsession.

Details for the movie Until the Night (2004)

Director: Gregory Hatanaka

Starring: Norman Reedus, Kathleen Robertson, Missy Crider, Sarah Lassez

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in Until the Night (2004)

Elizabeth (Kathleen Robertson) is married to a washed-up actor who can’t get decent acting jobs recently so he is basically worthless and stays at home. Elizabeth is frustrated because of this.

Elizabeth and her co-worker

There’s this co-worker of Elizabeth who keeps on inviting her for lunch. So one day, she just gives in and comes with him to a place near the beach. They talk on the roof of a house. He tells her to close her eyes and do some meditating stuff while he goes behind her and starts kissing her in the neck. The scene cuts off, and in the next scene, we see them lying beside each other on a sheet laid outside of the house. They are still in their office clothes and are not kissing, though, so I’m not sure if Elizabeth fully cheated with him aside from letting him kiss her neck and enjoying it a bit.

Elizabeth and her ex-boyfriend

One night, Elizabeth and her husband are supposed to go to her work party. But her husband forgets about it so she gets pissed and goes to the party alone. The party is held in some bar and there, she runs into her ex-boyfriend. They talk and then start seeing each other in the following days. One night, she comes with him to his place, they have some drinks and they start making out. It’s not shown, but they probably have sex.

One night, Elizabeth comes back to her ex-boyfriend’s place in a sad mood. They start drinking and he starts kissing her but she tells him they can’t do it anymore. He continues on kissing her anyway. She starts kissing back and they end up having sex (actual sex not shown again, only the aftersex, when they are in bed and lying naked under the sheets).

Elizabeth’s husband finds out

Later, Elizabeth wants to end the affair and starts avoiding her ex-boyfriend. He calls her one time in her home and she tells him to stop calling her. Apparently, her husband was listening on the other line so he finds out about her affair. They have a fight, but she stands her ground and doesn’t admit that she’s having an affair.

Until the Night (2004) - screenshots
Until the Night (2004) – screenshots

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