Extramarital (1998)


An aspiring writer gets involved in the investigation of her best friend after she is killed while having an affair. Elizabeth’s dream of becoming a respected journalist is rocking her marriage to Eric. When she flies to San Francisco, she meets the mysterious Ann and Bob, Ann’s handsome gigolo friend. Although Ann and Elizabeth get along immediately, she soon discovers that Ann is married to someone else. By her demanding editor, she is assigned to […]

Point of Entry


Kathy Alden, her husband, and her son move to the upper-class community of Hidden Glade Estates. Kathy is still traumatized by the attack of a burglar at their former home. Their next door neighbor Caleb Theroux warmly welcomes them and seems intent on becoming a good neighbor to them. Kathy will soon find that Caleb’s welcoming attitude might be too close for comfort as she finds out more about his dark side.