Crazy Sex

February 27, 2019

Shaw Brothers super director Li Han-Hsiang was particularly masterful in two genres: erotica and classic Chinese tales. He combined these two loves in this two-part examination of lust. The first story is a more modern tale of sex, lies, and videotape. The second features an elderly jeweler’s adventures with his unsatisfied wife, a handsome neighbor, and the neighborhood bordello.

That’s Adultery!

August 4, 2018

Renowned director Li Han-hsiang writes and directs the anthology film of four sexy, salacious and scandalous stories. There’s a general’s sedan-chair bearer who dallies with each of the soldier’s four wives until he suffers the fate of Samson, a Japanese pot maker who molds his wife’s lover, a courtesan who fools her drunken husband, and a scissors shop owner’s wife who has too many lovers to cut. It is four helpings of lascivious, lewd and […]